Cynthia, about herself:
I have often been asked if my mother sang Irish lullabies to me.  There
was no toora-loora-loora in her at all.   Her idea of a lullaby was either
The Rising of the Moon or Our Timmy's at the Fighting.  My
grandmother had a ceili kitchen, where friends and neighbours would
gather for song and dance.  When I'd be caught up and sent to bed,
I'd go to sleep listening to the voices, fiddles, and dancing feet.  I
thought singing was something everyone did, rather like breathing.
Along the way I found that I could write songs from my own life or
from stories people have told me.
Whether I'm performing on stage or recording, I feel myself back in
those ceili nights.  So, welcome to my kitchen.

About the songs and how they came to be:

Cauldron of Life--In Irish mythology life begins and ends in a
bottomless cauldron, tended by the triple goddess which is every
woman.  This song is of a woman looking back at her changing role.
Nancy's Song--written for Cynthia's friend Nancy as a "fight song"
for her battle with  cancer.
Annie's Knickers--A shy widow finds romance after her laundry is
Out With the Rubbish--a woman finds an unusual way to rid herself
of  an annoying husband.
I Am Still with You--Cynthia wrote this song in memory of her
mother.  It reminds us that those we have loved are never far away.
Lisburn Reprise--about the Troubles and Long Kesh.
Bobby's Own Ballad--commemorating the death of Bobby Sands in


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