Cauldron of Life   released 2006
This album salutes strong Irish women with  traditional tunes such as Biddy Mulligan
and Down by the Glenside, as well as these original songs:

Annie's Knickers
Out With The Rubbish
Cauldron of Life
Nancy's Song
I Am Still with You

The Airport Security Song released 2007
This single, released after Cynthia was "twice detained on suspicion", pokes fun at
her experience. This tune went nationwide on NPR in March and was picked up by
BBC Radio in April.

Mother Ireland's Daughters released 2008, recorded in Ireland and the US, tells the
story of  Irish history from a woman's viewpoint.
Featuring a reading of the Irish Proclamation of Independence,
It includes trad songs and these originals:
Bobby's Own--a tribute to Bobby Sands
Lisburn Reprise--on the closing of Long Kesh
Our Mother's Tears--a plea for peace and unity
Mother Ireland's Daughters--for Ireland's female heroes, past and present
Dick and Cynthia have acquired new, larger facilities in
Gainesville, Texas. They are designing a new recording studio,
which they hope to have completed in 2011.  The website for their
business, Cynthia's Music/Ceili Productions, is
At this time the website is undergoing revision. Thanks for your

We'll be at the Folk Alliance conference in Memphis Feb. 16-20,
2011. Once again, Cynthia's Music/Ceili Productions will host 
showcase room 1827 with a great lineup.Cynthia and Dick will
perform and introduce granddaughter Arielle in her singing debut.
They're calling their trio Eema's Family..

FOLK ALLIANCE ARTIST LIST (check your directory for
Danielle Vaughn, Alicia Mc Govern, Joe Iadanza, Mara Levine,
Miss Tess, The 23 String Band, Carolyn Martin, Ben Reed,
Heather Styka, Ruth & Max Bloomquist, Bohemian Highway,
Deep Dark Woods, Aly Tadros, Linda Mc Rae, Sarah Mc Quaid,
Lonesome Traveler, The Hillbenders, Steel Wheels, Matt Turk,
Bill Jackson & Pete Fidler, Mark Robinson, Doug Spears, Karyn
Oliver, Matt Brown, Clint Alphin, Eema's Family, Laura Marie,
Chico Schwall, Jen Hajj, The Farewell Drifters, Si Kahn, Joy Mills,
Mary Mc Adams, Joel Zoss, Abby Parks, Mark Dvorak, Andina
& Rich, Todd Crowley, Elvis Bossa Nova, Dan Montgomery, and
for the Grand Finale, THE STUPENDOUS ANDY COHEN!!!      

Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern, said prayers, or
helped out since Cynthia's accident.  Yes, your calls, letters, and
emails are very welcome, thanks. We appreciate all of you.

Did you know...DIGITAL DOWNLOADS  of our tunes are
available worldwide through 42 companies...get yours from iTunes,
Napster, Ruckus, and others.

Listen to Cynthia's music on your local NPR station , BBC Radio
2, Celtica Radio Wales, Midlands Radio/Highlands Radio/Ocean
Radio Ireland,  and Republic of Avalon Radio Newfoundland.
People who keep track of these things say she's now getting
airplay in 120 countries.

Failte (Welcome)
Welcome to the official website of songwriter and Irish folk ballad
singer Cynthia Bennett. After beginning her musical career by being
"dragged blinking onto a stage", she has delighted audiences in
Ireland, Canada, and the United States with her pure vocals,
whimsical humor, and spirit of adventure and fun. In her music,
Cynthia relates Celtic mythology, Irish history and stories of
everyday life, frequently with a humorous twist.
In 2008 Cynthia suffered multiple injuries which left her unable to
return to her active performance schedule. She considers this a
welcome change in direction: she still sings and writes, but she has
discovered the satisfaction of helping other artists. Cynthia and her
husband, a producer and sound engineer of note,  now focus on
mentoring new folk musicians, recording, and producing.  Cynthia's
"adoption of musical kids" has earned her the nickname
"Everybody's Eema"..


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